2009 Jefferson Nickels

The 2009 Jefferson Nickel has gained the attention of collectors. The reduced need for circulating coinage has vastly decreased the number of coins minted, resulting in one of the lowest mintage Jefferson Nickels in decades.

2009 Jefferson Nickel

As the economy slowed, an influx of older coinage re-entered the circulation as people cashed in their hoards. There was also a decrease in commerce which diminished the need for coins. These two factors combined in a perfect storm for creating low mintage coins.

During 2009, the United States Mint produced a small number of nickels through May. After that month they announced that production for the fiscal year had officially ended. For the entire year, a total of 86.64 million 2009 Jefferson Nickels were produced for circulation across both Mint facilities.

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2009 Jefferson Nickels